Good and cheap monitor: check out 10 cost-effective models

If you’re looking for good, affordable and most cost-effective monitors in 2021, you’ve come to the right place. In Canaltech’s most recent list, we highlight 10 monitors that are worth purchasing for their price and features, whether for those who just want to update their desktop display, for those looking for a large and cheap monitor, or for players who want to invest in a monitor good and are still undecided as to which version is best.

In the list below you will enter models of 24, 27 and up to 29 inches with values ‚Äč‚Äčthat start from less than R$1,000 to around R$1,700 for more robust models and with higher resolutions, being still excellent bets for the value compared to competitors direct.

23.8″ LG 24MK430H

(Image: Playback/LG)

Priced in the R$800 range, LG’s 24MK430H monitor is one of the easiest to recommend thanks to its more affordable value, 23.8-inch size, Full HD resolution, 75 Hz refresh rate, plus a matte finish for avoid direct reflections and ease of wall mounting.

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The model also has several monitor control options with OneScreen Control, allowing you to easily create screen division profiles, adjust brightness, color and contrast, and up to 14 customization modes.

AOC 24G2HE5 of 24″

(Image: Reproduction/AOC)

With greater focus on design for the gamer audience, the AOC 24G2HE5 is a good option for those who want a new monitor to play and can’t or doesn’t want to spend a lot. It supports 75 Hz refresh rate, features Adaptive Sync technology to reduce image repetition, and offers near-immediate 1 ms response, great for gaming.

The monitor has exclusive features for players, such as Mira Mode that lets you fix a red dot in the center of the screen, Shadow Control to control gray levels and see better in dark areas, and 6 game modes for each type of game.

27″ Philips 272V8A

(Image: Reproduction/Philips)

For those looking for a big, inexpensive monitor, the Philips 272V8A is one of the cheapest 27-inch monitor options today. It features Full HD resolution, thin edges and an IPS panel with deep black levels and great viewing angles.

The model features a 75 Hz refresh rate, VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort connectivity, 4 ms response time and Adaptive Sync technology to prevent blurry images.

27″ AOC Sniper 27G2HE5: Large and Cheap Gamer Monitor

(Image: Reproduction/AOC)

The AOC 27G2HE5 maintains the features of the aforementioned 24G2HE5, but now stands out as a large and inexpensive gamer monitor thanks to its larger 27-inch display for those who have more space on the table and are looking to upgrade to a larger monitor.

The model retains its characteristic design with a three-foot base for greater stability, features a Full HD resolution IPS panel, 75 Hz refresh rate, a response time of just 1 ms, and thin edges costing little more than the 24-inch version.

29″ LG 29UM69G: Cheap ultrawide gamer monitor

(Image: Playback/LG)

A good and inexpensive option for a large gamer monitor is the LG 29UM69G, which stands out for its ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio, much wider than traditional 16:9 monitors and which guarantees a larger viewing area in games, as well as allowing better use of two screens for those looking for more productivity at work or studies.

The model features a Full HD resolution IPS panel, 1ms response time for instantaneous controls, offers Motion Blur reduction to eliminate screen tracks, in addition to supporting FreeSync technology and features such as Black Stabilizer for greater control in movie scenes. high contrast and Game Mode that adapts the screen with FPS and RTS modes, in addition to allowing the creation of a custom mode.

Samsung Odyssey CRG50 24″: 144 Hz gamer monitor and great value for money

(Image: Playback/Samsung)

One of the top cost-effective monitors on the list is the Samsung Odyssey CRG50 (model LC24RG50FQLMZD), which offers great technologies like 144Hz refresh rate and curved panel at a higher price than those listed above, but much more interesting than the ones listed above. main competitors of the same category.

Allowing quick adjustment for rates of 60Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz and of course 144Hz, the Samsung monitor offers an IPS panel with 4ms response, virtual on-screen crosshairs for more accurate attacks, Game Mode to optimize contracting, sharpness and color, plus delay reduction and two HDMI ports.

Asus VG248QG 24″

(Image: Playback/ASUS)

Jumping a little more in price we have the Asus VG248QG gamer monitor with a 144 Hz refresh rate that can reach up to 165 Hz with overclocking and still has a 1 ms response, which can be reduced to up to 0.5 ms.

The model has different image optimization modes, including Extreme Low Motion Blur technology to eliminate response lag and footprints during gameplay, as well as dynamic shadow adjustment, features such as crosshair, timer, fps count, monitor alignment and DisplayPort connectivity , HDMI and VGA.

Samsung LC27F390FHL 27″: Large Curved Monitor with Best Value

(Image: Playback/Samsung)

But if you’re really just looking for a big and cheap monitor with the best value for money, the Samsung LC27F390FHL might be one of your top choices, as the model has a 27-inch curved screen and a price that can easily be found right above the R $1,000.

It is suitable for those looking for a new monitor with a big screen, low price and finds gamers resources unnecessary, bringing 1800R curvature, 16:9 aspect ratio, Full HD resolution and 4ms response time.

Concord C78 of 27″

(Image: Reproduction/Concord)

Another large and inexpensive curved monitor option is the increasingly popular Concordia C78 with a 27-inch panel, priced slightly higher than Samsung’s option, and design with thinner edges and more stylish base.

The model has a traditional 60 Hz refresh rate, 5 ms response time and ends up standing out for its low price and large size for those who really want a bigger monitor without spending too much.

27″ Philips 276E8VJSB: Big and Cheap 4K Monitor

(Image: Reproduction/Philips)

But if you want a big monitor and need it to have 4K resolution (unlike all others on the list that are Full HD), the Philips 276E8VJSB can be your best option, as it unites one of the best prices of 4K monitors, adopts a 27-inch panel and offers an elegant design with thin edges and a stylish crescent base.

The model also has a standard refresh rate of 60 Hz, offers an IPS panel, 5 ms response and also has two HDMI 2.0 ports and a DisplayPort.

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