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Andrew Hamilton

An Irish solution won’t solve an Irish problem

IT’D be a grand little country if it wasn’t for the ISTAIP and all the rain. The ISTAIP? You know it, it’s the ultimate expression of our self-defeating, cute-hoor-ology, the Irish Solution...

A Culturally Catholic Era

Are we now living in a Post-Catholic Ireland?Ireland was once regarded as The Island of Saints and Scholars. Irish influence in terms of sharing and celebrating faith, education...

The Unnoticeable Recovering Economy

WE hear on a daily basis about the so-called recovering economy, but who is benefiting? Disposable incomes may be rising but so is the cost of housing and...
Bishop Fintan Monahan

Taking a mid-January rain-check on our New Year Resolutions

At this point in the middle of January it may be the case that our new year resolutions have receded into the mists of time or perhaps not. It is hard to...

No Justice – for Minister of Justice

By Madeleine Taylor-Quinn Baying for political blood in Dáil Éireann is not uncommon, but baying for justice is a rarified activity. Where is the courage...
Andrew Hamilton

Can We Still Save Irish Farming?

There are pensioners all over the county pushing their bodies to the limits to keep cattle fed and fields tended because they cannot bare to let the land go idle. Is there a future for farming in Clare? Can we escape the Farmageddon?

More import than ever to take advantage of Valentine’s Day in rural Ireland

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for people to release and display their emotions. It’s a great opportunity for all ages to find love, enhance love and allow...

The Time for Talk is Over, Now is the Time for Change

My life is in the hands of politicians who will never be affected as drastically by the impacts of climate change as I will be.