Killaloe students celebrate ‘Neat Streets’ anti-litter award

A GROUP of enthusiastic students from St Anne’s Community College have been rewarded for their dedication to an anti-litter programme for secondary school students.

The Killaloe-based student led green committee recently received the ‘Neat Streets Award’ for litter and waste following an extensive project aimed at improving the school’s environment.

According to ‘Neat Streets’, St Anne’s Community College created a partnership with the programme following the school’s bid to achieve its first ‘Green-Schools’ flag for litter and waste. 

As part of the initiative, the project committee have installed two bins in each classroom, one for general waste and a recycling bin made of cardboard whilst also erecting signage to inform students about the school’s waste management policy.

The cardboard bin has proved to be a “very simple but effective idea” to improve recycling habits of students within the school. 


In terms of waste reduction, St Anne’s have also introduced a water fountain in the school, which a large section of the student body use on a regular basis in a bid to cut back on the usage of plastic bottles.

The green committee also carried out waste audits to find out how much waste, in terms of weight, and identify the different types of waste the school was producing.j

The results allowed the students to highlight waste management concerns in the school and compare and contrast the initial situation to showcase progress being made, a vital method of monitoring and evaluating the ‘Neat Streets’ programme. 

St Anne’s green schools committee for the 2018 and 2019 academic year included students from varying years including Ben Butler, Aine Rainford, Olga Luczak, Jade Needham, Angela Seymour, Hannah Moloney, Sammy Pooley, Aine O’Neill, Vicky Costelloe, Oscar Seeley, Evan Coleman, Tara  Mooney, Pearce Mooney, Katie Reynolds, Aidan McFerran and Rory Smith. 


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