Concerns raised over ‘dangers of 5G’ ahead of roll-out

Councillor Clare Colleran Molloy (FF), Deputy Mayor of Clare.

MAJOR concerns were raised at Monday’s adjourned monthly meeting of Clare County Council with regards to the ‘dangers of 5G’ ahead of the proposed roll-out of the latest technology throughout the county.

In light of the Belgian Government’s decision to halt a 5G pilot project in Brussels over apprehension that the new cellular standard cannot meet the city’s strict radiation rules, Councillor Clare Colleran Molloy (FF) urged the local council to oppose its roll-out in Clare.

The motion also comes on the back of a recent appeal to the European Union from 180 scientists and doctors with regards to the alleged increased electromagnetic radiation risk due to exposure to 5G.

While Cllr Colleran Molloy acknowledged that Clare County Council may not have the power to halt the roll-out of 5G, she urged the local authority to speak up about its environmental and health impacts.

“I’m asking that we as a council highlight the concerns that are being highlighted worldwide because of the roll-out of 5G,” she said.

The Ennis councillor said that the technology will lead to a “massive increase” in involuntary exposure to electromagnetic radiation and called on the council to exercise its responsibility to protect the environment and the public from harm.

“We know now that 5G isn’t just an upgrade of 4G technology. It is designed to project focused designated electromagnetic radiation.

“I believe that this is being glossed over by the wireless industry,” added Cllr Colleran Molloy.

The motion was backed by Cllr Colleran Molly’s council colleagues, with some urging people in the county to think twice about availing of 5G until more is known about its potential risks.

The concerns were reiterated by East Clare councillor, Pat Hayes (FF) who said that the public should be aware of the long-term impacts of 5G.

“I’ve done a lot of research and I am extremely concerned,” he said.

“The challenge is, do we know the health effects?

“There are health concerns here. I’m sure Belgium didn’t ban 5G for no reason.

“Nobody is coming clean here and nobody is speaking up. It is the next generation that will be affected. Nobody knows what affect this will have on the future generation.

“Until we know the affects of 5G, we as a council should put a hold to this,” added Cllr Hayes.

In response, Clare County Council confirmed that it does not have the power give the green light to licensing for such wireless initiatives but it holds the power to grant planning permission for the infrastructure required to roll-out such schemes.

Following the discussion, Cllr Colleran Molloy made calls for a working group to be set up to examine the environmental and health impacts of 5G, before the final decision is made on its proposed roll-out across the county.


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