Concern Tulla water service will not support social housing

Concerns have been raised over water supply services in Tulla

CONCERNS have been raised over the future of water supply in Tulla, one which may severally impact the development of a recently proposed social housing scheme in the town.

In February, Clare County Council confirmed it had purchased a site which would deliver 22 social housing units in Tulla.

At a recent meeting of Killaloe Municipal District, Councillor Pat Hayes (FF) said that it was essential that the ongoing “water situation” is resolved if such plans are to go ahead.

“This is really important to the people of Tulla,” he said in reference to the ‘much-needed’ improvement to the local water supply.

“There are people who need social housing but you can’t plough away with one development and let everyone else suffer.

“We need to be careful here. We can’t have a future where there is no water in Tulla.

“Nobody wants to hold up a housing development but nobody wants to see any development interfere with the water supply,” added Cllr Hayes.

The concerns were reiterated by fellow elected member, Councillor Pat Burke (FG), who stated his disbelief that such a housing proposal is being considered while there are problems with the water supply in Tulla.

“There are plans for 22 houses yet there is an issue with water supply,” he said.

Anne Haugh, Director, Physical Development, Clare County Council, said that the Government backed social housing development is at an early planning stage and any water issues that arise will be looked at.

“If, at any stage, there is a difficulty at servicing it, it will have to be addressed or the development cannot proceed,” she confirmed.

In reply, Clare County Council confirmed that Irish Water had been contacted for a response and for an update on the proposed improvement to the water supply in Tulla and the surrounding areas.


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