Clare environmental campaigners undergo protest training ahead of possible Trump visit

US President Donald Trump

Hundreds of environmental campaigners across Ireland have undergone professional training in protest tactics and direct action training – up to and including how to be arrested while protesting – in recent months.
Two Clare environmental organisations, Futureproof Clare and Extinction Rebellion Clare, say they will use this training to stage protests should US President, Donald Trump, visit Clare this year.
President Trump will undertake a state visit to France on June 6 where he will attend events to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. He is then expected to visit Ireland in a private capacity on June 6 or June 7 with Clare his most likely destination.
Futureproof Clare say they will take part in protests, either at Shannon Airport or President Trump’s property in Doonbeg, should the visit take place.
The organisation have been involved in a number of high profile protests in recent weeks – including a protest at an event hosted by MEP Sean Kelly (FG) in Ennis and the campaign against the proposed construction of the Shannon LNG terminal in the Shannon Estuary.
“All over Clare people have mobilised. A lot of people have done non-violent, direct action training and I fully expect, if Trump was to show up here, there would be a big response,” said Anne Marie Harrington of Futureproof Clare.
“People have mobilised all over the country over the past few months. Initially it started as part of the opposition to Shannon LNG. They have undertaken training on symbolic direct action and been trained at getting arrested as a form of protest in the way that Extinction Rebellion have in the UK.
“No one has been arrested in Ireland yet but I would imagine that a few hundred people have been trained at this point.”
President Trump purchased Trump International Golf Links and Hotel in Doonbeg in 2014, before becoming American president.
“A lot of people in Ireland don’t want him [President Trump] coming here. There was talk of him coming in November and there was a lot of opposition at that time,” said Ms Harrington.
“It is difficult to say exactly what form this protest will take but we have seen a lot of direct action around Ireland in recent weeks.
“Shannon [Airport] is a touchstone issue for many people, because of its use by the American military. While he [President Trump] does have a lot of support from local people in Doonbeg, there has also been local opposition to him.”


    • James J Collins, Trump is a climate change denier! If he wants to speak out about abuse of the environment, he could start closer to home, where the people of Flint, Michigan have poisoned water coming out of their taps, whilst the clean aquifers have been handed to PepsiCo.

    • Tony Deady Isn’t Flint a Democrat area, where they abused the funds given to them for the purpose? Whatever the story there – he’s dead right abut China, they are robbing the jobs to enrich corporate companies while poisoning the World. While the West is bullied to clean up and pay for it all both ways.

  1. Trump is loved by people in Ireland. He speaks the truth and protects his immigration policy. If all these hippies in Ireland think it’s such a good idea than they should et a few million migrants into their home. This environment is nothing but a smoke screen of bull,. Another way of adding fake taxes onto people to pay for more people from the third world to come here and collect welfare. The Obama left office with the highest national debt ever for a president.


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