Ennis councillor describes UHL experience like something out of World War II

Ennis-based councillor, Pat Daly

AN Ennis councillor has described his first-hand experience with overcrowding in the region’s main hospital to scenes from World War II.

Speaking to The Clare People from Ennis General Hospital, following a stint in University Hospital Limerick (UHL) due to an illness, Councillor Pat Daly (FF) said that his direct encounter with ongoing high numbers of patients on trolleys was ‘horrendous’.

An advocate for a strong health system and a voice to restore a 24-hour emergency department in Ennis for many years, Cllr Daly reiterated his belief that “something seriously has to be done”.

 “Nurses are frustrated,” he said. “I saw people on the floor – old men of 90 years of age confused.

“They were up on top of each other on trolleys. It shouldn’t happen in 2019 – this happened in the war, this service.

“This is similar to World War  II in all honestly,” added Mr Daly.

According to Cllr Daly nurses expressed their dissatisfaction with the ongoing practice of appointing hospital managers “every day of the week” for the last 12 months, money that he feels could be better put to use staffing the region’s only 24-hour emergency department.

“That would alleviate the situation,” he said. “Our members of Dail Eireann in Clare, Limerick and Tipperary will need to do something. Limerick [UHL] is not servicing Clare, Tipperary or Limerick because it is just horrendous.

“They are just employing managers. They are going around in suits and doing nothing,” said the frustrated councillor.

“It is time now to open the A&E in Ennis – put in a new building somewhere. There is plenty of space. You would be taking patients out of there [UHL]. Put in a state-of-the-art A&E with that budget they have and one similar in Nenagh to put a stop to the World War II stuff,” he concluded.


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