Counting the cost of Clare’s County Councillors

Councillors’ claims to break €4m before term ends in May


MEMBERS of Clare County Council will have claimed more than €4 million in payments during the lifetime of the current local authority, new figures secured by The Clare People exclusively reveal.

The new statistical breakdown of income and expenses secured by the 28-strong membership of Clare’s premier decision-making body comes as the campaign for the 2019 election to the local authority gathers momentum.

The figures reveal that an average of over €135,000 has been earned by each councillor so far in the current council term, a figure that will have risen to over €150,000 per head after figures for the first six months of 2019 are factored in.

These figures are made up of a basic annual salary that currently stands at €16,867.34, while expenses for training, attending conferences and allowances have the potential to double that total.

The Register of Councillors’ Expenses 2018 was released last week, but additional figures secured by The Clare People since the Clare County Council term began in 2014 show that €3,800,557.88 has been paid out to councillors, a figure that will rise by a further €400,000 to over €4.2m between now and the end of May.

Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil are the local authority’s top earners — with four members each in the top 10 league table, while two independent members also feature. 

The figures range in scale from the €167,173.70 received by Cllr Bill Chambers (FF), who was Mayor of Clare in 2016/17, to the €65,739.97 received by Johnny Flynn (FG).



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