‘Deplorable’ footpaths in Parteen set to be replaced

Work has commenced on replacement footpaths in Firhill housing estate in Parteen

WORK has got underway to replace an existing “deplorable” and “battered” footpath in a popular Parteen housing estate.

The regularly-used walkway, which lies adjacent to Parteen’s Co-Op Superstore in the Firhill estate, has been a bone of contention with local county councillors who have repeatedly made calls to replace the “substandard” footpath.

For several years, Clare County Council admitted that funding was not available but persistent pressure ensured that a budgetary allocation of €77,000 was set aside to fix broken footpaths in Parteen, in February of last year.

In recent days, work has commenced which will see new footpaths constructed in a bid to replace the existing footpaths, which, according to Meelick-based councillor, Cathal Crowe (FG), had “fallen into a deplorable state of disrepair”.

The news has been welcomed by Cllr Crowe, who said that the important access point into Firhill house estate are “badly broken up and pose a risk to pedestrians”.

“Over the years mixtures of asphalt and concrete have been used, to little avail, to patch up the paths,” he explained.

“Further remedial works are planned between the Tailrace Bridge and the edge of the Parteen Village.

“The section of footpath here, measuring 135 metres in length, will be relaid at a cost of €15,000.

“This footpath has crumbled away after many decades of continuous use without maintenance. 

“Most of the kerbs have collapsed and there’s very poor delineation between the road and the path. 

“In recent years a majority of pedestrians have chosen to walk on the road rather than negotiate the battered and potholed footpath,” added Cllr Crowe.

In the Firhill housing estate, a total of 200 metres of new footpaths are currently being laid.


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