Today marks the coming of age of The Clare People

The Clare People

TODAY, The Clare People embarks on a new departure, a change of gear. It marks the launch of a redesigned newspaper which ushers in a raft of changes to what you will have grown accustomed to seeing within the pages of our newspaper. 

Approaching 14 years in print, the paper has appeared in a similar fashion for a large chunk of those years. This issue changes that. For the past few months, the team inside The Clare People have been working on a cover-to-cover redesign — a fresh feel, and a new approach incorporating many new elements that mark the coming of age of this publication. 

Volume 15 Issue 3 is significant. It is the public unveiling of a mature and confident newspaper. A newspaper which has been researched and developed for you, the reader. It embodies the attitudes of those who work to create a product for the people of Clare. 

Beginning with our front cover, you will see a change to many of the cornerstones of our product. Our masthead has been redrawn to offer you, the reader, a much more comprehensive insight into what lives between the covers of each issue.

These snippets point to our award-winning sports coverage, our new regional news and lifestyle section and our expanded opinion pages. The front page has become a more vibrant and all-inclusive space. A snapshot of the offering on news stands each and every Tuesday.

Moving behind the cover, our news pages have benefitted from an updated colour palette, updated fonts and the introduction of space. We want our readers to take their time perusing the pages of the paper and the use of breathing space is vital to that.    

The news section will be followed on a weekly basis by our opinion pages. There is nothing more important to us than offering a variety of voices to our readers. It would be remiss of us to think that everyone sings from that same hymn sheet and it is by this rationale that we have introduced  different voices, with differing views. 

On the page opposite this piece, you will see the front cover of our This Week section. Beginning today, these pages re-imagine our regional news offering. Dedicating more space to each of our regions, we will shine a light on the accomplishments and achievements of the people of Clare. 

This section also introduces our children’s puzzles, fashion, health and beauty pages. Elements that disappeared over time, we feel that these are necessary to represent the audience we serve.     

As you head towards our award-winning sports pages, you will pass our farming pages, regular features — this week marks the first of a monthly feature on Clare’s involvement in the Civil War, and our classified section. These pages will be a moveable feast week-on-week, offering our readers added value in the form of supplements and special features on a wide range of topics.

And then there is our sports section. Slow to dabble with a winning product, this element of the paper will see additions, rather than wholesale changes. 

The Clare People is now the sporting paper of record in Clare and we are keen to develop on an upward curve. We will continue to cast an umbrella over sporting activity around the county.  

The Big Interview will focus on a different sporting personality each week — beginning, today, with basketball. It will tell the story of those who excel at their chosen discipline and outline their path to success.     

These elements have been changed in line with the growth and development of the paper. Since its launch issue in 2005, The Clare People has grown with its readers. 

Life experience has driven growth and maturation among the people who produce The Clare People and it follows that this is now presented in the physical manifestation of the paper. 

Should you like to contact us, each byline incorporates the email address of that journalist; you can find our contacts box on page 2 of the paper each week; and, failing that, you can find us on social media. 

We hope you like our new offering and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in the past, and look forward to interacting with you in the future. 


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