TeamTony fundraiser this Saturday at the Chapel Lane Market

Tony and Joanna

A north Clare man is fighting for a place on a potentially life saving clinical trial at St James Hospital in Dublin.
Tubber couple, Tony Perry and Joanna White and their friends, have organised a number of local  fundraising events in the hope of finding a cure for Tony’s throat cancer.
Tony was diagnosed with a severe form of throat cancer earlier this years and his best chance of survival is thought to be immunotherapy – a treatment which is not currently licensed for neck and head cancers in Ireland.
The couple have already raised almost €4,000 through a GoFundMe crowdfunding page in just three weeks while the Chapel Lane Market will host a fairy-themed fundraising market in Ennis this coming Saturday.
Tony has been submitted into a clinical trail at St James Hospital in Dublin in which half those selected will receive immunotherapy and half will receive another treatment. Tony has also undergone a specialised cancer test called oncofocus, which is designed to highlights exactly what drugs Tony’s tumour might be most reactive to.
“I have spent most waking moments researching Tony’s disease and have discovered that immunotherapy could be our best option, however immunotherapy is not licensed in Ireland for head and neck cancer, which means we can not get access to these drugs,” said Joanna.
“It is licensed for some cancers such as melanomas and small cell lung cancers but not for head and neck cancers. However these treatments are producing some fantastic results in trials and potentially offers us the best chance of beating this.
To support Team Tony visit or the Chapel Market Festival this coming Saturday, March 24.


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