Both Cllr Mike McKee and Noeleen Moran will represent Sinn Féin in Clare at the next general election, The Clare People has learned. The party had looked set for a contested convention in the county, with both McKee and Moran adamant that they would seek the nomination.
In a surprise move, local party officials confirmed this afternoon, December 6, that it will deploy a two candidate strategy in Clare, with McKee and Moran the only people nominated. With the party traditionally transfer unfriendly in Clare, it had been widely expected that only one candidate would be selected.
Cllr McKee became Clare’s Sinn Féin’s first councillor in more than 50 year in Clare at the 2014 local elections while Ms Moran secured more than 4,200 first preference votes for the party in the 2016 general election, more than the party has received in any election in Clare in living memory.
A selection convention will take place in Ennis this Thursday, chaired by Ireland South MEP Liadh Ní Riada.
This development could Sinn Féin running the same number of candidates in Clare as Fine Gael – who may run a narrow campaign in an effort to protects the seat currently held by Pat Breen and Joe Carey.

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