Sixty nine candidates will face Clare voters

Clare is bracing itself for a marathon count following the local election on May 23, as the largest number of candidates in the country have registered to contest the Ennis electoral area.
Almost 40 per cent of the 69 candidates to battle it out for the 28 Clare County Council seats, will do so in the Ennis Municipal Area.
By noon on Satruday, as many as 27 people had registered their names to contest the eight seats available in the new look Ennis area.
With the deadline for local election nominations closed it has also been confirmed that 16 people had registered to contest the Shannon Municpal Area, a further 16 will battle in out in the enlarged West Clare area, with just 10 names to appear on the ballot paper in the Killaloe area, which now spans the whole eastern side of the county.
A total of 28 sitting county councillors are also back in the race for the 28 council seats, and with no town councils from June 1, 10 town councillors are also in the running for the seats. There are also three former county councillors nominated to win back their seats. Candidates have until today (Tuesday) to withdraw their names.
Independent candidates are in the majority in Clare with a total of 19 non-party candidates registered.
Fianna Fáil is running the largest number of party political candidates with 18 of the soldiers of destiny in the battle, while Fine Gael is running 16 candidates.
The Labour Party has nominated five candidates to contest three of the four Clare electoral areas. While both of the party’s Ennis candidates were born in the new West Clare electoral area there will be no Labour candidate contesting this area.
The Killaloe electoral area has bucked the trend by not just having the fewest number of candidates, but it is also the only consitiuency not to have a Sinn Fein candidate and just one Independent candidate.
Sinn Fein is running one candidate in each of the remaining Clare constituencies.
New party Fís Nua is to run four candidates in Clare – two in Ennis and one in Killaloe and Shannon; while the Green Party, where some of the Fís Nua candidates originated from, is also to run two candidates – one in West Clare and one in Ennis.
In 2009, 58 candidates contested the council election. These candidates were divided between six local areas, compared to the new county council which will include four areas and no supporting town councils.

Final list of Clare local election 2014 candidates

Ennis – 8 Seats
George Atijohn – Independent
James Breen – Independent
Clare Colleran Molloy – Fianna Fáil
Joe Corbett – Independent
Pat Daly – Fianna Fáil
Johnny Flynn – Fine Gael
Cillian Griffey – Fine Gael
Michael Guilfoyle – Independent
Bernard Hanrahan – Fianna Fáil
Dermot Hayes – Labour
Mary Howard – Fine Gael
Tommy Kelly – Independent
Paula McNamara – Independent
Tom McNamara – Fianna Fáil
Brian Meaney – Fianna Fáil
Vera Moloney – Fís Nua
Tony Mulqueen – Fine Gael
Paul Murphy – Fine Gael
Frankie Neylon – Independent
Ann Norton – Independent
Gerard O’Halloran – Fine Gael
Cathal O’Reilly – Sinn Féin
Paul O’Shea – Independent
Felix Osa Omorodion – Independent
Seamus Ryan – Labour
Gerben Uunk – Green Party
Damon Matthew Wise – Fís Nua

Killaloe – 6 Seats
Joe Arkins – Fine Gael
Michael Begley – Independent
Pat Burke – Fine Gael
Joe Cooney – Fine Gael
Pat Hayes – Fianna Fáil
Donal Higgins – Labour
Niamh O’Brien – Fís Nua
Tony O’Brien – Fianna Fáil
Alan O’Callaghan – Fianna Fáil
Liam Wiley – Fianna Fáil

Shannon – 6 Seats
Cathal Crowe – Fianna Fáil
John Crowe – Fine Gael
Pascal Fitzgerald – Labour
Mike Fleming – Independent
Gerry Flynn – Independent
David Houlihan – Anti-Austerity Alliance
Cathy McCafferty – Independent
Mike McKee – Sinn Féin
Sean McLoughlin – Fine Gael
Pat McMahon – Fianna Fáil
Tony McMahon – Labour
Seónaidh Ní Shíomóin – Anti-Austerity Alli
Pat O’Gorman – Fianna Fáil
Louise Roche McNamara – Fianna Fáil
PJ Ryan – Independent
Karen Christine Wise – Fís Nua

West Clare – 8 Seats
Bill Chambers – Fianna Fáil
Christy Curtin – Independent
Jackie Dale – Independent
Joseph Enright – Independent
Oliver Garry – Fine Gael
Kevin Heapes – Green Party
Michael Hillery – Fianna Fáil
Patrick Keane – Fianna Fáil
Gabriel Keating – Fine Gael
PJ Kelly – Fianna Fáil
Gerard Kennedy – Fine Gael
Ian Lynch – Independent
Marian McMahon Jones – Fine Gael
Noeleen Moran – Sinn Féin
Richard Nagle – Fianna Fáil
Bill Slattery – Fine Gael


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