Power restored to all water treatment plants; Clare County Council continues to provide tanker services to affected areas

Clare County Council has confirmed that power has been restored to water treatment plants and reservoirs in all areas of County Clare with the exception of the Gallows Hill area of Cratloe in southeast Clare and Cloonlaheen North in West Clare.

The Local Authority, operating as agents of Irish Water, is providing tankered water to the affected areas until such as time as supplies are restored. Tankered water is also being provided at a number of other locations while reservoir and network levels are being replenished following restoration of power.

Water tankers will be provided at the following locations:
· Cratloe (in the Church Carpark) – up to 7pm. (approx.) this evening Friday 14th February and from 10am-midday tomorrow Saturday
· Killaloe (in Supervalu Carpark) – up to 7pm. (approx.) this evening
· Cloonlaheen North (New Doolough WTW) up to 6pm. (approx.) this evening and from 10am-midday on Saturday and Sunday

Members of the public are requested to bring their own water containers. Customers in the affected areas are also advised to boil all water from tankers.

Further updates will issue on the Clare County Councils website www.clarecoco.ie.


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