Labour Local Election hopeful for Ennis Seamus Ryan has taken on a task more difficult than breaking through into local politics – he has attempted to explain how to go about paying the local property tax.
He has also called on the Revenue Commissioners to review the language they use in communicating with their customers.
“Sometimes the language used by government departments can be unnecessarily complicated or abrupt, this seems to be the case with the letter on the LPT. It has unfortunately caused confusion about when and how you can pay the tax,” he said.
” The important points to remember are that people aren’t required to make a payment before 2014 and depending on the options chosen it can be paid weekly, monthly, directly from pay/pension or in a lump-sum.”
When you are paying the LPT there are seven ways to do it, but two immediate deadlines are important. For those who wish to deal with the revenue commissioners on paper, the deadline for choosing a payment option is November 7.For those paying online the deadline for this option is November 27.

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