There are very few parents out there who haven’t resorted to the Internet for tips and advice on child rearing. When it comes to young babies however this advice can be either helpful or downright dangerous and telling the difference is impossible for stressed out parents.
The Clare People is now asking its readers to share any such advice they have come across, and family GP Dr Máire Finn will appraise it – the good, bad and down right funny to [email protected]
All “tips” and replies will be published in the Clare People in the coming week. Senders’ anonymity will be respected.

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Claire Gallagher is a multi-award winning journalist with more than 15 years experience in media. The Galwegan began her career in radio working in news and current affairs. Having spent a year on the dark side – political PR and Spin – she returned to journalism and has since then worked mainly in print – regional and national – while continuing to work with the broadcast media. She has been with the Clare People since its foundation in 2005. She was awarded “Young Irish Medical Journalist of the Year” in June 2008 while working with the paper. Twitter @galocon Facebook ClaireGallagherClarePeople

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