ANYONE travelling in East Clare this week is being asked to be on the lookout for a mythical unicorn which has, apparently, gone missing in the Tulla area.
A number of posters have been erected in the Tulla area in recent days, asking that anyone who spots a the female unicorn to report it immediately.
Unicorns are mythical legendary animal who exist in the folklore of many European countries. The mythical creatures are believed to resembles a white horse with a large, pointed horn projecting from its forehead. They are also sometimes depicted as having a goat’s beard and cloven hooves.
According to the posters, one such animal is currently wondering the East Clare area. People in the Tulla area are asked to keep their eyes peeled for a what is described as a “large female unicorn with friendly disposition” who was last seen “galloping in the Tulla area with native cattle”.
While the mythical creature is described as having a “friendly disposition” it is not clear whether it would be safe to approach the animal.
The unicorns owner, who does not include any direct contact information on the posters, asks that anyone who spots the mythical creature to post the location of the sighting on social networking site Twitter, using the tag #unicornsanonymous.
The lost and found poster also included a poem dedicated to the unicorn. The poem bears a striking resemblance to ‘My Lovely Horse’, a song taken from the Fr Ted television show. In fact, the poem reuses the exact lyrics of ‘My Lovely Horse’, except with the word “unicorn” used in place of horse.
To date, no sighting of the unicorn has been made, either on Twitter or to local emergency services or animals welfare services in the Tulla area.

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