KILRUSH’S moneylending crisis has taken on a sinister turn over the past number of weeks following reports from the West Clare capital that a man was abducted and tied to a tree naked overnight outside the town over the non-payment of a debt.
This shocking claim has been sounded out by a number of concerned citizens who contacted The Clare People this week to reveal that a man was kidnapped by moneylending rackateers operating in the town and subsequently tied naked to a tree in Kilrush Wood.
It is understood that the man was only released from his ordeal on condition that he repay his debt, but it’s the shocking details of the incident that has led to growing fears in Kilrush that the ringleaders of the moneylending operation in the town are fully prepared to stop at nothing to get their money back.
The moneylending problem in Kilrush was exposed by The Clare People last June, when it was revealed that a number of people who had turned to moneylenders for assistance were living in fear because they were unable to meet the repayment demands for loans that were given out at extortionist rates.
The problem first exploded to the surface of Kilrush after an incident outside Kilrush Post Office when one member of the moneylending operation that’s controlled by families in the town demanded repayments from people collecting their dole money.
Now following this latest alleged incident at Kilrush Wood, The Clare People has been told that two people were taken in for questioning at Kilrush Garda Station. However, they were released without any charge being brought against them because the victim, who did not report the incident as having taken place, refused to publicly name the perpetrators of the alleged crime.

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Joe Ó Muircheartaigh graduated from University College Dublin in 1989 with a degree in history and politics. After completing a Diploma in Journalism at The College of Commerce, Rathmines in 1991, he embarked on a career in journalism. Joe spent four years with Clare FM from 1992 and was with The Clare Champion from 1996 to 2005. He has won two McNamee Awards for GAA journalism and has published two books. Contact Joe on

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